What appeals to me in art is something ineffable and elastic, that can only be expressed in visual art or poetry; it is like the part of us that dreams.

When I'm making prints, the manner of inking imbues a painterly quality – in fact, my prints are often taken for paintings. The colors migrate in surprising ways, often blending and refracting, so that each pulled print has its own unique look.

Now a few words about drawing. There is something spontaneous in the touch of pencil to paper; a drawing can take the fleeting blush of inspiration and nail it to the picture plane. The challenge lies in knowing what to put in, what to leave out -- and when to stop. The result is an economy of expression, i.e., to say a great deal with little. If an oil painting is a concerto, then a drawing is improvised jazz.

If you something catches your eye and you would like to see more like it, let me know. I've got lots of beautiful work that just hasn't made it onto the website.

Regarding prices, tax is already factored in. Yes, I take payment through PayPal. Just identify the piece you want and your shipping address in a message to libraesque@gmail.com.

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sugarlift, acquatint, swimming, figurative